Sunday, January 15, 2006


We spent the weekend with the adorable nephews, which was wonderful. Here's a few pictures.
It snowed friday night, so of course we had to play in it while it lasted. Cager had a great time, throwing snowballs at his Uncle Tim.
Ambrose couldn't decide if the slide was really a good idea. I think his little hands got cold, and that decided it for him. He's actually climbing back down, off the slide.
Cager told us before he went out that he liked to eat snow and throw it, so here he is, proving his point. When we asked if he was hungry, he said yeah, and picked up a chunk of snow to eat.
Ambrose had a good time after breakfast, and kept peeling off remaining paper on the crayons, telling us he'd opened the crayon.
The boys both called the camera case their camera, and Ambrose was walking off to take some pictures before he got caught on the real camera.
We found one mitten before we went out in the snow, but before going to Walmart to get a full set, we found the other mitten.
We couldn't find a belt to keep the pants up in the snow, so the suspenders had to do. It looked so cute, we couldn't resist taking his picture.
Mamaw's blanket she made for the boys. They loved it and spent the whole time we were there "racing" on it.
Cager took some pictures. This one was particularly well done of Uncle Tim.
Cager figured out that he had the most space in the kitchen, so we ended up stepping over the blanket all of saturday.

The boys loved my laundry hamper, and while it was empty they climbed in and out of it, and played a long game of peek-a-boo.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

We like hanging out in grave yards

Today we were feeling especially dismal after watching our tape of the JFK assasination wepeatedwy. So we decided we wanted to think about dying. So we did. OK?

Jen said she would shave my back if i would dig up one of the bodies and have my way with it. And by have my way with it I mean have sex with it.

This is Jen with our Hellhound, Sharkey the Eliminator.

This here's Sharkey the Eliminator after freshly killing a thing. Look at him. So proud of his dead thing. Or smelling flowers...
Later on we went to the lake.
Tim, before coercing the dog into the lake.

Shakin' dog!

Frontiersman and his faithful companion.

Frontiersman...all alone. Abandoned. Solitude. Free.

Weird dog. His shadow looks like a three legged chicken. Knowit?

This here's my pride 'n' joy. I submitted this to several museums hoping for a decent price, but the bastards kept saying that it was "priceless" hoping to get out of paying me for my talent. Just look at the composition, that finger really sets the whole thing off, don't you agree?
Maybe that's a big o finger pushin' her down the hill.


Sometimes when i get back from school, I find Jen in what she calls "My world of Goludomaize!!" I usually just let her stay there awhile.

I luv Jen.

Jens perdy new Skirt.

Sharkey's perdy new friend.

These are Jen's Stab wounds I gave 'er.

We are going to get our holliday pictures soon. We have to scan 'em in and stuff so hang on until next time.
We update once in a Polish Eon.

Friday, January 06, 2006

So this is us

We made it back relatively free of danger from Delaware, minus the bad fog and the painful pressure in the ears. Sharkey had a good old time playing with my brother's cat wonton, but was terrified of my sister's cat Jasper. We should be able to get some pictures up soon from christmas, if we can find a working scanner. In the mean time, Tim starts his Tech school on monday, and my classes start back up on the 17th, so it's time for some free time.