Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Goofy Pictures

Here's some older pictures, from after Cager's birthday party, at John and Angela's.

There was a much less flattering picture of John, but I didn't think He'd really appreciate having that posted. A big improvement from the hand over the face days of yore.
This is what we call the Chicken Pose. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon in some women who feel they need to show how poochy-outy their boobs and butt are.

Ryan's showing off his egg project.

Tim and Sharku were "wrestling" (huh-huh) on the floor. I just like how Sharkey looks like He's yelling.
This is a neat picture, but it would be better if there was a person in it. I couldn't waste the opportunity of such good lighting though, so I figured I'd go ahead and take the picture.
Angela looks a lot better in this than I do. I always manage to close my eyes just in time for the picture. ( The glasses say it all.)
Tim took this picture. Can you tell how bored he was? I'm not really sure what he was doing, but at least he was keeping busy.
Michael and Ryan posed for me. You can tell which one was willingly standing there and which one wanted to leave.

And now, it's time for the deep thoughts of Tim.

When people come out of the bathroom and light a match to cover up their stink, what do they think they're doing? People aren't going to look at them and say "They weren't shitting, they were just lighting matches." Next time I come out of a public restroom or somebody elses bathroom, I'm going to cook a lot of eggs or make a pot or two of coffee. Then I can say "It's okay, I was just cooking eggs, not shitting. You want some?" Or, because it's just so offensive to have shit that stinks, I could have my smell excused by rubbing someone elses shit all over the stall. Then I could say that it's not my shit they're smelling, it's someone else's.


At 7:49 PM, Blogger Clan Sheehan said...

Hilarious. I love the wrestling picture, and Tim's ramble. I read it earlier and have been cracking up off and on since.


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